Sunday, April 20, 2008

Know your IPL teams :)

The IPL has 8 teams.

Mumbai Indians:: has Shaun Pollock, Sanath Jayasuriya, Luke Ronchi, Dominic Thornley, hmmm ... and still, Indians. sweet.

Deccan chargers:: hyper charged Symonds, Gilchrist and Afridi, led by discharged (at least from the Indian ODI and T20 teams) V.V.S. Laxman.

Kolkata Knight Riders:: Knights fight with spears. But the Knight riders will use a beanpole amidst them - Ishant Sharma. And, just like the 300 Spartan knights had a war cry of "hau", these knights sing korbo, lorbo, jeetbo re ...

Punjab Kings XI:: Upstarts!! With a captain called yuvraj, they call themselves kings? Prince, heir apparent etc might be better names. Princess (queen?) Zinta is too greedy for the throne, eh?

Chennai super kings:: If vice-captain of Indian T20/ODI team Yuvraj dares to call himself and his team "king", the Indian skipper Dhoni will call his team "Super Kings". Quite natural. ada paavi. what else would you expect?

Rajasthan Royals:: Royals they may call themselves, but they spent like paupers in the IPL player auction and even got fined by IPL for spending too less an amount of money, way below the minimum agreed amount. Huh! The nerve some people have.

Bangalore Royal Challengers:: In these days of democracy if there is going to be so much of kings, super kings and royalty, obviously someone will challenge them. So, enter Royal challengers.

Delhi daredevils:: Led by Virender Sehwag, who likes to drink milk. Hmm... each day we learn something new. Now, we come to know that devils drink milk rather than blood. kewl.

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