Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More crap from India Today

Aye aye! India Today published their ranking of engineering colleges for 2008. Here is the link. They claim that "factual" rank of "Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai" and "Indian Institute of Technology Chennai" is 21. The same, for Vellore Institute of Technology is 4, Delhi College of Engineering is 6th and National Institute of Technology Rourkela is 14, etc etc etc. Hmmm ... Can anyone explain on what count?

First of all, what is this "Factual rank?"

And hey, know what? These nitwits dont even know the proper names of the institutes they are ranking, that too in top 5 ("overall rank" this one).

Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai. Chennai.

Go check the names first. There is NO IIT-Mumbai. It is still IIT-Bombay. The name of the city changed; the name of the institute has remained the same; check it on their webpage or ask the student, faculty and staff over there.

Same for Chennai. It is NOT IIT-Chennai. It is still IIT-Madras. Go check.

This alone shows how "well researched" these rankings are.