Friday, April 25, 2008

Bhajji strikes again

Harbhajan Singh has done it again. Having gone toe to toe, eyeball to eyeball with Symonds in Australia, he has picked up on his erstwhile teammate Sreesanth. (although Symonds, most definitely was not driven snow himself, and should cop flak for starting the issue)

All that Sreesanth did was to say "hard luck" to Bhajji after Bhajji lost the game. In return, Sreesanth had a blow under his eye.

Reminds me of Shoaib Akhtar hitting his teammate Mohammed Asif with a bat. Make no mistake, Harbhajan Singh is a hot headed guy and IMHO, he is headed the Shoaib Akhtar way. Pakistan Cricket Board lost the plot by not discipling Akhtar in his early days. Subsequently Akhtar went from bad to worse, and now, his considerable talent is banned from the game. BCCI shouldnt repeat the same blunder. Harbhajan is not yet 30. An year warming his seat in his police job with Punjab police, away from the trappings of the game should do him a world of good. Otherwise, the talented spinner though he is, he may soon end up in the rubbish heap with Shoaib Akhtar. The board should act decisively and fast. Question though, is whether a stupid body like BCCI is capable of taking such an action.

The game of cricket is changing fast; and the fabled spirit of cricket no longer exists. Wisden's editor Scyld Berry recently remarked that he feared that cricket is headed towards physical confrontation. Prophetic words. Only, they are coming true sooner than perhaps even Berry had imagined.

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