Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bhopal gas tragedy: through the camera

This is very poignant collection of photographs, all taken by Rahu Rai about the Bhopal Gas tragedy. The photographs are heart-wrenching, and I pray to god that such a tragedy never occurs again, anywhere. Raghu Rai's coverage of the Bhopal tragedy, chiefly through photographs was highly acclaimed.

A photograph, very similar to one taken by Raghu Rai (with slight difference), was taken by Pablo Bartholomew, and it won the world press photo of the year in 1984 (I am actually a bit confused on this. The site credits Bartholomew with the award, while the wiki page on Raghu Rai credits him with the award. Anyone knows which is the correct version?).

Raghu Rai's photography is truly astounding. Here are links to Raghu Rai's works on Mumbai, Kolkata, Mother Teresa and India, as Raghu Rai saw it through the lens.

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