Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sehwag "The New Wall"

The way Dravid has backed Sehwag, it appears as if Sehwag is the "new wall" of Indian cricket. Infallible (from the team that is; not performances) due to Dravid's support.
Yet again, he failed against Bangladesh. Considering the relatively weak nature of opponent, India can afford to (?) try out one of the out of form players (Viru and Pathan). Irfan Pathan showed signs of coming back to form in the practice match against Windies, although he was lucky to garner three wickets. But Dravid and co chose to have Pathan on the sidelines and play Sehwag instead. Once again, the wrong horse was backed!!

Really strange considering the flexibility Pathan brings to the side with his allround skills.

Its about time Rahul Dravid gives up his fascination for Sehwag. Ture, if you give him 20 chances, he is likely to hustle up a smart fifty (no doubts on Viru's talent; its just that his form is questionable). But, its likely that on other 19 occasions, team India would rue missing out a solid 30 from an opener.

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