Friday, March 30, 2007

Indian cricket lacks ruthlesness

In wake of Ian Chappell's comments that Tendulkar should retire, came replies from Ashok Mankad and Ajit Wadekar that Tendulkar still has a few years left in him.

When a Aussie cricketer reaches the same stage as Tendulkar has at this moment, he is dumped summarily, irrespective of his star status. If he has a few years leftin him (take the case of Hayden, who few months back was dropped), he is supposed to bludgeon his way up the ranks through the state level matches.

May be Wadekar and Mankad are right. If they are, then Sachin even after being dropped should be able to bat his way through the Indian first class scene, the way Ganguly did. But alas, given his superstar, almost demi-god like stature in the country, such a move is hardly bound to happen, and the team will continue to carry an out of form (albeit genius) player for some more time at least. One can only hope he finds form soon, for the selectors wouldnt have the guts to drop him, whatever he does on field.

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