Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More crap from India Today

Aye aye! India Today published their ranking of engineering colleges for 2008. Here is the link. They claim that "factual" rank of "Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai" and "Indian Institute of Technology Chennai" is 21. The same, for Vellore Institute of Technology is 4, Delhi College of Engineering is 6th and National Institute of Technology Rourkela is 14, etc etc etc. Hmmm ... Can anyone explain on what count?

First of all, what is this "Factual rank?"

And hey, know what? These nitwits dont even know the proper names of the institutes they are ranking, that too in top 5 ("overall rank" this one).

Indian Institute of Technology Mumbai. Chennai.

Go check the names first. There is NO IIT-Mumbai. It is still IIT-Bombay. The name of the city changed; the name of the institute has remained the same; check it on their webpage or ask the student, faculty and staff over there.

Same for Chennai. It is NOT IIT-Chennai. It is still IIT-Madras. Go check.

This alone shows how "well researched" these rankings are.


Anonymous said...

Exposure on India Today Best College Survey 2008:

Public must be wondering as to why BITS Pilani does not figure in the India's Best Colleges Survey reported in the recent issue of India Today magazine.

For the academic year 2004-2005 BITS Pilani admissions were based on the normalized percentage of marks and when this fact was known to everyone across the length and breadth of India, the Magazine India Today went about ranking the best colleges stating that BITS Pilani admissions were based on an entrance examination. One can easily conclude as to whose credibility is at stake in this episode.

In the case of News, one should always wait for the sacrament of confirmation. Considering that the principles of good journalism are directed toward bringing the highest quality of news reporting to the public, thus fulfilling the mission of timely distribution of information in service of public interest, it must be made known that BITS Pilani stopped participating in the India Today ranking of India's best colleges for the years 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.

According to Aroon Purie Editor in Chief of India Today "Our rankings have become the benchmark for academic standards in India". For 2008, India Today issue dated June 2, 2008 carries the India's Best Colleges An Exclusive Survey. Page 88 of this esteemed magazine says IIT Chennai has 200 seats and Page 90 says IIT Mumbai has 312 seats. Year 2007 IIT Chennai had 540 seats and IIT Mumbai had 574 seats. This esteemed magazine did not have a clue to number of seats in various IITs and has gone about ranking them. Do you think it has any credibility? This is the type of guffa they did for BITS Pilani in year 2004 which has been undoubtedly one among the top ranking universities in India. Its time for India today to do Mouthshut.com about their rankings becoming benchmarks for academic standards in India.

No one has any doubt that BITS Pilani is indeed one among the top ranking universities in India yesterday, India today as well as India tomorrow. If mags like India today have become rags then you know who picks them up.

Be proud of the Institution from where you study. If you want to live in the glory of your alma mater, then there is nothing great about it than getting admission in such institutions which derive huge funds from the government. You may be destined to add glory to your alma mater and that is why you are studying where you are presently. Remember that no body can change the latitude and longtitude of your institution but the altitude of your institution can be changed by how you perform in your college and in your career after graduation.

m0tn0t said...

I am requesting all of us that anyone from IIT, DCE, BITS, NIT etc are all same.

It was just a matter of one mark here or 2 marks there in their entrance exams or may be a different approach.

Just like grading system, our country must bracket all these top colleges in one category as Super speciality technical institutes and so that people like us who are esteemed enough to graduate from these colleges shud never fight in future over individual rankings of their college.

Instead we all shud join hands and collectively as a group of talented Indians raise the standard and reputation of engineering education in our country.

We all are equally talented who study and pass out of India's top government engineering colleges.

All those who want to discuss or have something to say can write me on my e-mail:


Let me tell u my side of the story which very few wud have heard.

The year is 1996-97. I was a medical student in school and prepared for medical entrance exams but I appeared for engineering entrance as well.

I had maths as a subject alonwith Bio in my 12th. I never had any coaching and always self studied. I am born and brought up in Delhi and my entire education is from Delhi.

I got into waiting list of DPMT, Delhi University and was topper in individual subject of Chemistry and Physics sections. But due to governments reservation policy and seats were reserved for women, out of total 220 seats available in 3 delhi university medical colleges, the general seats available for boys are just 90-100.

So obviously I cud not make it to MAMC but since I worked hard, I got ranks 1703 in IIT, 425 in Roorkee, 250 in DCE, 225 in PEC, Chandigarh, Waiting list in MNREC, Allahabad, 49 rank in All India Agricultural Research, Pusa etc

The same year, IIT exam got leaked, DCE exam got leaked, Roorkee exam got leaked.

All these exams were re-scheduled and I cleared all of them again after re-take the same year.

Rankls given above are the final ranks after re-examination.

I consulted many people in teaching line and in coaching business of counselling and this is what all said:

Either join DCE or go for IIT delhi if I want to stay in Delhi and later on go for competitive exams.

Now, the point I want to make here is that we all r foolish to fight here for our individual college rankings.

Trust me studying in a college in metro like Delhi matters as u have all the things u can do after college. U have a life.

I went to Roorkee and stayed there for 2 weeks in the hostel. Except the campus, outside there was no life. U can only go to Haridwar or Uttarakhand but for how long after all we all need life after campus.

My dream was always to go to work for NASA and I always thought that only studying in IIT can make that dream possible. So in IIT counselling I opted for IIT-krgp as it had Aerospace as branch and IIT-Delhi does not have.

I do believe that studying in IIT is a different experience but due to some very personal reasons I had to drop out in second semester from IIT-krgp and I finally joined DCE in Mechanical.

I have experience of Roorkee, IIT-krgp and DCE

Trust me DCE is a super talented college with campus full of students from schools like DPS, Modern and abroad. I passed out from Government college and in DCE my batchmates were all from top schools of Delhi which is no doubt the cream of students in India as far as studies are concerned.

The kind of atmosphere for competition and growth I have found in DCE is no where.

I am speaking all this not because finally I graduated froom DCE in year 2000 but because I am the person who had admissions in IITs, Roorkee, DCE, PEC, Chandigarh etc

I mean in close to all top 10 government engineering colleges of India, I had a decent rank.

Now do u think still we need to fight??

Have I become a lesser talented guy by chosing DCE over Roorkee or IIT.

The answer shud be NO
Once a champ always a champ.


PL said...

http://paglaladka.blogspot.com/2007/06/india-today-what-was-your-rank_28.html ... my post on similar lines with a more in-depth analysis