Monday, June 11, 2007

The Ford which didnt start

BCCI has been shambolic and thoroughly unprofessional in their search for team India court. Its high time that these bunch of jesters (read BCCI officials) had their bottoms whacked black and blue. Am glad Graham Ford did that. After a 2 month search, BCCI ended up inviting Ford, knowing fully well that he hadnt even bothered to send his resume on its own, and that he had an existing contract that runs for another year. Ford came, saw, and rejected the BCCI offer.

The board had already reduced the selection process to a farce by eliminating Dav Whatmore from the race, for reasons only best known to them; Now the logical step should be to appoint the other contender, John Emburey as the caoch. But I have a feeling (as do many), that Emburey was just an eyewash, and Ford had been the selected man all along. Emburey's coaching credential seem embarassing to say the least. It would be interesting to see whether BCCI appoints him, or learns a few lessons, and start a professional search for the coach afresh.

Gawd!! No wonder Indian politics resembles as trash can standard pantomime. The average politicians being probably worse than our esteemed BCCI chief, what else do we expect. Pawar's doing great as the BCCI head. The best BCCI chief in history of Indian cricket. I cant helping Jagmohan Dalmiya falling off his chair in a fit of laughter at this farce. Indian cricket needs a shrewd and professional administrator like Dalmiya, more than Dalmiya needs to be the BCCI chief.

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